High Lonesome South-Juno/Sonora

43 Miles West of Sonora off Hwy. 189 near Juno, TX
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High Lonesome Ranch South is located in the southern part of the Edwards Plateau in Juno, TX, 43 miles from Sonora, 55 miles from Comstock, 54 miles from Ozona. According to legend: There was a café that was run by a man who liked to keep things simple. Beans were the only food item served and beer the only beverage. When local patrons would ask "what's on the menu" he replied "Ju know". "Devil's River State Natural Area", a remote mountainous park filled with a river, canyons & miles of mountain & bike trails is nearby. The terrain is varied with wide valleys, flat topped hills and rugged canyons. Cedar, live oak, hackberry, mesquite, wild persimon trees and native brush cover the ranch. Wildlife includes whitetail deer, free ranging exotics like axis deer, aoudad, and fallow deer. Feral hogs, Rio Grande turkey, quail and dove are also found on the ranch. Neighboring ranch sold out fast, call today & financing Options available.

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Lots & Pricing

Lot 8
274.37 acres

Lot 9
330.11 acres

Lot 10 1/3 WELL (Solar)
365.9 acres

Lot 11
270.88 acres

Lot 12
336.14 acres

Lot 13
140.34 acres

Lot 14
244.01 acres

Lot 18 ELECT
230.5 acres

Lot 19
183.86 acres

Lot 20
219.43 acres

21 WELL (Solar)
385.13 acres

400.81 acres

Lot 23
214.3 acres

Lot 24 HOUSE, CABIN, WELL (Solar)
183.88 acres
$487,561 (20% DOWN)

Lot 26
191.64 acres

Lot 27
200.29 acres

Lot 29
189.23 acres

Lot 30
324.06 acres

Lot 31
254.32 acres

Lot 32
186.17 acres

Pricing and acreage subject to change.

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